Time to Head South. December, 2021

We decided to head South again this winter. The plan was to leave in late November. But as often happens, life’s events dictate what happens.

So we are off towards warmer places. A couple of weeks late but on our way in any case. But not before we got a very nice December snow. It made everything white and fresh and quiet. Our destination is Christmas in Fredericksburg, TX. We are staying until the end of December. Getting there late is a disappointment, we missed the Christmas Parade but we will be there to enjoy the season, see the decorations, see friends, and get in some shopping.

The drive today was highlighted by almost every tree on our way through Minnesota coated in frost from some overnight fog. The fields were covered in a light snow. The roads and sky were clear. The afternoon sun was quite warm.

Tonight we stopped at a casino in Osceola, IA for the night. It is a pretty old RV park but functional for its purpose.

Tomorrow we are headed to another casino in Tonkawa, OK. They seem to be spaced about the right distance apart. It was a very busy summer, more about all of that coming up.

More Later, Much Love.

Roger and Susan

10 thoughts on “Time to Head South. December, 2021”

  1. The casino near Tonkawa is a smaller one, but really nice. How do I know, it’s about 16 miles from where we used to live. Still have a son and his family living in Ponca City, where we lived a number of years. Safe travels!!!! And Have a very Merry Christmas!!!!!


  2. Nice to see you are on the road! I would caution you not to bet all your vacation budget at the casinos where you are staying en route to Fredericksburg. Safe travels!


  3. Thanks for the update Roger and Susan as I was wondering when you were going to pull the plug. Thought it was to be closer to Thanksgiving and hope your late departure was not a problem. Looks like a good time to make the break and hope the weather stays calm for awhile. Don’t lose money at the casinos. You guys have figured out the right spots that’s for sure. We head back on the 15th . Take care and keep the updates coming. Safe travels!Love, Frank

    Frank Green


  4. Glad to hear you are on the road.. Happy driving, riding, and, sightseeing.
    Question: Please explain the first picture in this blog.

    A Blessed Christmas and a Healthy New Year.

    Lots of love. Patsy and Joe


    1. Fredericksburg, TX is a town settled by German immigrants in the 1850s. The town has strong German roots and goes all out for Christmas. The downtown is all lit up, stores are decorated, and they have a grand Christmas Parade the starts at one end of town on Main St and goes to the other end of down, does a U-turn and returns. Many streets in Fredericksburg we’re laid out as the town was developing as a market center so that a wagon drawn by a team of four horses could make that same U-turn.

      The picture is from the town square. The tower is a traditional German Christmas decoration. Everything lights up at night.


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