Orange Beach, Alabama, 2023, Visitors.

This year in Orange Beach we had visitors. Usually, we are there on our own, we make new friends every year and often they are back when we return. This year we met a couple from North Carolina, Curt and Julia. They had two small dogs so we saw them often while walking Maggie. They … Continue reading “Orange Beach, Alabama, 2023, Visitors.”

Orange Beach, Alabama. January 2023.

We have been to Orange Beach and the Gulf Shores area before and keep coming back. We have reservations for next year as well. The following link will show other posts from Orange Beach.“Orange+Beach” We ask ourselves why and the answer is pretty simple. 1) The weather is much better than at home in … Continue reading “Orange Beach, Alabama. January 2023.”

Orange Beach, AL, End of February, 2021

Progress We saw the ortho doc for the last time a week and a half ago, all looked good. He had Susan switch to a soft brace — a laces and velcro sort of thing. She can now walk without the boot, the boot and crutches have been retired to our medical device hall of … Continue reading “Orange Beach, AL, End of February, 2021”

Orange Beach, AL January-February, 2021

Our Big Break Yup, Susan broke a leg bone on Friday 12/11. I picked more pain meds at the pharmacy the next day. Elevate and ice were the orders of the day. No weight bearing. Susan called the ER Room recommended Ortho Doc first thing Monday morning and we got an appointment for 10:30 AM. … Continue reading “Orange Beach, AL January-February, 2021”

Orange Beach AL, December 2020 – January 2021

When we got to Pandion Ridge at the beginning of December it was just over 1/2 full. I guess I expected it to be fuller but it was OK. We had no neighbors on either side of us for most of the month. Christmas This was going to be our first Christmas away from home … Continue reading “Orange Beach AL, December 2020 – January 2021”

Orange Beach, AL Early December 2020

I apologize for being tardy getting our blog posts out. I will catch up. There are lots of routes that go from Maumelle to Orange Beach. If we chose to stay on the interstate highways all the way it is about 850 miles. For us, three days. The more direct way was about 200 miles … Continue reading “Orange Beach, AL Early December 2020”

Odds and Ends, Orange Beach, Alabama, February 2020

Hot Dog One day walking at the beach we saw what we all wished we would be someday. It was pretty cool, just drove up, they opened the doors and people started showing up for pictures. Two person crew, dressed in OM outfits. We though maybe they would be fulfilling everyones dreams, free hot dogs, … Continue reading “Odds and Ends, Orange Beach, Alabama, February 2020”

Orange Beach, Alabama, February 2020

We left Vicksburg heading for Orange Beach, Alabama. Orange Beach is just to the east of Gulf Shores, probably a more well known name. Both are on the east side of Mobile Bay on the gulf coast. Pensacola, Florida is about 40 miles to the east. In between are a lot of condos and beaches. … Continue reading “Orange Beach, Alabama, February 2020”

Sweet Home Alabama, November, December 2022

Thanks for sticking with us over what is now coming up on two years while I got behind on posts, I heard from many of you wondering when the next post would arrive. There have been lots of challenges, losses, and new things to learn, and then, finally, it is time to just get on … Continue reading “Sweet Home Alabama, November, December 2022”

The Road to Fredericksburg, TX. February 2021

We waited for an extra week in Orange Beach, weather was nice there but much colder inland. All week we were checking in to see if the place that we were heading for in Nacogdoches was open. They finally got power and water back on Friday, 3/19/2021 after almost a week without. So the next … Continue reading “The Road to Fredericksburg, TX. February 2021”