In the beginning

Susan and I have had a long relationship with motor travel.  We met winter camping.  She rode up with me in my 1973 Jeep CJ5.  She liked my jokes.  A couple years later in the mid 70’s when we were both working at a Boy Scout camp, I was smitten.  As she likes to say She was patient and persistent, I was slow to the table.  Off we went in my home made 1974 Dodge van camper to International Falls, MN.  There was love in the air.  There still is. 

We went on many short trips and one long trip in that camper down to Big Bend National Park.  Never got there.  It was snowing all the way to Kansas City and forecasts were for worse further south.  So we headed East to the Great Smokies.  Never got there.  The weather was even worse.  So we headed South towards nowhere in particular.  This remains our favorite travel mode.  We go where we are pointed.  We ended up at Dauphin Island near Mobile, AL for a whole day and then it was time to head home.  3500 miles in a week.  Never again.  I have looked all over for a picture of that green van but alas the days of digital pictures were many years in the future.

Building that camper with my friend Ed Schulze (he built one too) led to more adventures that I will tell you about right after this …

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