Zion National Park, UT. March 2017. Part 3

The Zion Lodge

You can stay in either the Watchman or the South Campgrounds in Zion National Park or any of the hotels, motels, lodges, resorts, spas and campgrounds in Springdale for your visit to the park.  There is one more option, the Zion Lodge.  It is about halfway up the canyon and if you have reservations there you can get a car pass to drive your car to the lodge and back.  All other travel in the park is by the shuttle bus system.

The Lodge is in a fairly narrow section of the canyon, maybe 1/4 mile wide at most.  There are cabins and motel-like rooms, a nice dining room and an outdoor cafe.

Just behind the lodge is the east face of the canyon with afternoon sunlight.

The dining room on the second floor has an outdoor area and an indoor space with big windows looking out on the green space and the opposite canyon face. We had diner here one evening. It was very good. We stopped at the cafe a couple times too for an afternoon ice cream treat.

The shuttle bus stops here.

And just across the road is the west face of the canyon.

The rustic cabins reminded us of the ones on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Rustic is a good description. Fun is another one. Want to feel like an old time cowboy?  Here is your chance.

The rooms are in motel type buildings built right along the canyon face. And in the open space there is a flock of wild turkeys that show up every evening.  The toms are the ones with all of the show. 

It is all business for the hens.  They definitely know who is in charge here and it is not the visitors.  In the morning it is not uncommon to see mule deer in the green space.

No excuses now. Camping, resorts, hotels, a fancy spa or the Lodge. Any way you want it there is a way to come and stay at Zion and experience it for yourself.

More later,

Roger and Susan

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