Zion National Park, UT. March 2017. Part 4

There are many trails in Zion.  Many are easy hikes and easily accessible.  Some, like the hike to Angels Peak, are very difficult.

It is more than three thousand feet up from the canyon floor.

And some of the trail was cut into the side of the cliff by the CCC. There were chains to hold onto.

And the final stretch goes up a narrow edge with steps cut into the rocks.

Well, this is not a hike that we did.  Susan is particularly not fond of edges.

Instead we paid tribute to the CCC workers on a cold and damp day. We have seen these fellows and their contributions all over the country.  They worked hard, added lasting value to the country and helped support their families during tough times.  Do you recognize the Watchman in the background?  

This is one of the buildings the CCC boys built.  It is now used as an artists-in-residence cottage.  They come for a month or so. Painters, photographers, sculptors and others who can capture what they see and hear and feel.  Being here for a while lets them see the changes during the day and from day to day.

For our hike we crossed the Virgin River near Zion Lodge.  There is a place here to hire a horseback ride.  We chose to walk.

The trail was headed for the Court of the Patriarchs, three very tall peaks along side of a side canyon.

The trail follows the west side of the canyon down the river.  There were almost no other folks over here, you have to walk to get here.

It was a really nice trail that rose to several hundred feet above the river. It wound through tall pine trees with views of the opposite side of the canyon.

The way back to the campground criss-crossed the river.  All of the steel pedestrian bridges were built in Alexandria, MN.

There was a steep trail up to an archeologic site.  There were ancient ruins up here of what was most likely a grain storage building. And there was a nice view of our campground.  The part in the foreground is a new walk-in tent area. It was very well done. We were further out in the trees.

And the next morning we rode the shuttle down into Springdale and walked to Oscar’s for breakfast.  It is one of those great spots not on the main drag, but back aways. More of a local spot.  And the breakfast was just as good as the lunch we had a week earlier.

And on the way back we spied a hanging, turning kinetic work of art.  Copper and green oak leaves.  The price was right.  Should be in Hastings about the time we get there.

We are heading to the Santa Fe area. There is a nice Corp of Engineers Campground at Cochiti Lake about 30 miles south of Santa Fe and only five miles to a park and ride on the commuter rail into Santa Fe.

More later,

Roger and Susan

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  1. Just wanted to let you know love the pictures and stories, safe driving back and see you soon Ann Marie

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