Kerrville, TX February 2017

We are on our way to Tucson.  It is a long way across Texas so we are doing it in pieces. First stop is Kerrville, Texas  west and north of San Antonio.  The other choice would have been Fredericksburg which is more north.  A friend has been staying there for some time and we were hoping to cross paths with him but he had just left for Arlington over in the Dallas area.

And then Amanda called and said they would come and meet us for dinner if we stopped in Kerrville.  Why sure we said and then realized that it was a 2-1/2 hour drive for them.  Seemed very long to us but for them it was just a short Sunday drive.

We stayed at a nice county park in Kerrville on the banks of the Guadalupe River which was pretty big here.


Next to us was a classic 1978 Vogue with a big Detroit Diesel 6 cylinder two-stroke.  This was a popular engine in those days, hard to find service folks who know anything about them any more.


We had a nice dinner with Douglas and Amanda.  They make us feel younger and that is OK with us.  We can hardly wait to see them again, maybe this summer?

Next stop is Balmorhea Texas, West Texas where it is dry but here there are springs.

More later,

Roger and Susan

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