A New Home2

After a couple years of research, thinking, dreaming and looking, we found a coach we wanted.  In California.   

What we wanted changed over time.  We (I) looked at a lot of different motor coaches, mostly specs, how they were built, what kind of structures they had, what kind of engines, transmissions and other equipment they had.  We started out thinking something maybe 30 ft would work.  What we wanted was enough space to be comfortable, enough maneuverability to get to the places we wanted to go, enough power to not be the slowest one going up the grades and something that had the level of quality that we were used to in our current Home2.

That lead us to Newell Coaches, Prevost bus conversions, Country Coach and Foretravel Coaches.  We had a budget, age range and milage range in mind.  Newell coaches and Prevost conversions were way outside of those ranges.  We had looked Country Coaches and while they were nice they didn’t really blow us away.

So we started looking more closely at Foretravels.  They made a 34′ coach that we liked.  They had three model levels, the U270, the U295 and the U320’s.  The coach body, structure and  suspension are the same in all three models.  Engines, transmissions, heating systems, generators, plumbing fixtures, kitchen appliances and interior trim changed as model numbers increased.

The 34′ coaches we only available in the U270 models.  These were 300-350 HP Cummins diesels.  

We debated about whether we wanted a slide out or not.  They added significant cost to the new coaches and some extra weight and more complex systems.  They add more room and many argued they dded to resale value and the ease of resle.

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