More Progress


The front panels are installed and the generator cover fiberglass work is done.  Gel coal gets sprayed on and then sanded out and then polished.

Rance making magic happen.
We cut holes for the upper tail lights (Rance cut, i watched).
And put the high output LED light in.
In the single fixture tail, turn and brake lights.  We went out to check them at nights. Very bright!
I also installed a new wiping gasket just above the slide.  It sweeps water and debris off the top of the slide as it closes.
The folks at Xtreme are sticking to their completion date of 2/3.  I hope so.  
We are trying to hunt down a water leak that gets the floor wet in heavy rain. So far we haven’t found it, more likely them.
While we are here we are trying to get some other tasks done. We installed new door gaskets on the two jeep doore (not the source of water).  The old ones were 17 years old and had holes in them.  
Tomorrow’s task is to finish installing the breakaway brake to the Jeeps towing set up.  This sets the brakes on the Jeep if the tow bar should fail.  Not even remotely likely but many states require them.
We continue to try to walk everyday.  I got to about 12,500 steps on Monday.  Close to 10,000 most days.


Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary. 31 years of getting ready and then 8 more since we said we do! A nice dinner wil be a treat.
Comments and feedback.
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That’s all.  More later.
Roger and Susan

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