More in NAC, January, 2019

A New Jeep Battery

We had a problem with the Jeep when we stopped at Maumelle COE Park near Little Rock, AR. The battery seemed to be almost dead after a couple days of towing. We put the battery charger (something I normally wouldn’t bring but put it in a bin at the last minute) on it overnight. In the morning it started fine, we hooked it up and went off to Nacogdoches. When we got there the same thing, an almost dead battery.

We charged it up and got over to Motorhomes of Texas for service. One of the service techs asked if we were having trouble and we told him the battery seemed to be toast. Well right next door to MOT is a battery place so we drove over there, they checked it out and declared the 4 year old original battery was at the end of its life. They had a new one, got it put in, did a fine job and all is well once again. I was a bit surprised that new car batteries don’t last very long.

There was a stately looking dog house at the battery place.

Bailey must have been a pretty big dog, this house was almost five feet high.

And it was air conditioned.


Foretravel is building a new model coach called an IC-37. It is a 37′-8″ long coach that is more than a foot taller than ours. More headroom and more room in the basement.

They were prepping it to take to the giant RV show in Tampa Florida.

Very nice fit and finish, walnut interior, most of the bells and whistles buyers in the price range ($500K) are looking for. Most of us with older coaches like what we have but in several years these will be available on the used marked for much less. It is a nice compliment to their flagship IH-45s that typically are in the $1.2 million price range.

More Later, Much Love

Roger and Susan

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