Tucson, February, 2019

We stayed in Deming, NM for four nights. One day visited the local History Museum, went to Si Seńors for lunch and explored the town, found the old Army Air Base (now the airport) and cleaned the coach inside and out. One day we drove to Silver City and visited the City of Rocks State Park. And the last day we just did everyday stuff, filed my sales tax reports and just took it easy.

In the morning we packed up and headed for Tucson, about 4 hours away. Lots of wind that day. We stopped in Benson, about 50 miles to Tucson to fuel up. It was really blowing. When we stop for a longer time I like to be closer to full. I put an anti-bacterial additive into the tank. It prevents algae from growing while we are stationary.

Tucson, Justin’s Diamond J RV Park.

Justin’s Diamond J is on the SW outskirts of Tucson. We approached Tucson heading north on I 10 and then turn back south on I 19 towards Nogales. It is only a short way to the Ajo Highway. This leads west towards Kitt Peak and further to Ajo. It is about 8 miles to San Joaquin Rd. That leads north toward the Tucson Mountain Park, Saguaro National Park and the Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum. And Diamond Js.

We are in site F72. The sites here are generous. We put out our patio mats and all of the awnings.

And our bicycle tent.

It has been warm enough to wear shorts one day and a warm jacket on another. We had rain overnight last week, snow in the nearby mountains, three feet of it. It got down to 28° last night.

We got the table and the grill out, hooked up the lights (they really aren’t that bright) and we were ready. We are here for a month.

More later, Much Love

Roger and Susan

5 thoughts on “Tucson, February, 2019”

  1. Glad you have landed in Tucson. Make sure you do the Meet Me at Maynards walk, social gathering (Mondays?). I am also glad you got to the Deming museum once again. That is certainly a find. Thanks for the suggestion to visit there. You can spend a lot of time in the exhibits and the volunteers are engaging as well. We begin our trek on Monday.


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