Tucson, February, 2019

Diamond Js is out in the desert. It might be Tucson but it is not in the city. Being in a big city is probably the last place we would ever choose to go. It is just not what we want to do. Apparently others feel the same way.

One of Everything

From a very small Airstream trailer.

To a very high end Newell Motorcoach.

And even a Tiny Home.

A nice Prevost pulled in here today. Some trailers, many fifth wheels, motorhomes of every type. And seven Foretravels. Here are six of themSnow

We had a week or so of cool weather. Lows several nights were in the 30s, a couple below freezing. In Tucson they set three records, most rain, most snow and lowest daytime high temperature for the day.

Woke up to snow.

We went for our morning walk anyway.

Snow in the desert. It was pretty neat. A week later there is still now in the higher elevations.

More later, Much Love

Roger and Susan

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