Tucson, February, 2019

Our month in Tucson has gone by quickly. Here are a bunch of short cuts.

Drawer Slides

Our friends Carol and Jeff, own a home not to far from Diamond Js. They were full timers staying at Diamond Js one year and drove through their neighborhood, a wonderful Pueblo Style house was for sale. They bought it furnished. Since then health issues have had them sell their coach and now they are full timers in their nice adobe style home. Carol was having trouble with her kitchen drawers. The old slides were just worn out. She got some new self closing slides. Kent Spears was over there for more than four hours one day working on the first drawer. The next day Scott Seibert and I went over to help. It was a bit of a challenge getting everything to fit and to work but we got seven drawers done by the time we went home.

Carol paints rocks. And then added all of the detail to make an amazing gift for my help. Totally unexpected, much appreciated. It was my pleasure to help them out.

Sabino Canyon Recreation Area

Sabino Canyon is in the mountains on the north side of Tucson. It is a popular place to visit, lots of hiking opportunities, picnic places, horse back trails, a river and a lake and a dam. The vast majority of visitors ride the tram up the canyon about 9 miles. You can get on and off at several places. Just our luck to show up to find that the tram was not running. It hadn’t been for some time and there was no scheduled time for it to restart.

We went to the Visitor Center, got a map and a suggested trail to follow. The guy said it was a couple miles, not much elevation change, and a nice smooth trail.

So off we went following the trail. We got to the river.

And the dam.

We found a thumb sized cactus getting started.

And an ocotillo in bloom.

Then we followed the Ridge Trail, up hill, lots of rocks which we expected to lead somewhere other than back to the river. So we back tracked, sat down for a while and then back to the Visitor Center.

We were hot and tired. Our phones said we had gone more than 10,000 steps. A bit more than a couple miles.

On the way we passed Poco and Mom’s restaurant. We went there a week earlier with George and Steph for breakfast. Great huevos rancheros! So we went back.


Dinner at Dave and Nancy’s

Dave and Nancy are another full time Foretravel couple we know. We first met them at Diamond Js several years ago and then again at the National Elk Refuge next to Grand Teton National park. When we saw them 2 years ago at Diamond Js they had done like Carol and Jeff and bought a house just a few blocks away. So now they are here about half time and back to Wyoming the rest of the time. Nancy is happy with more space for her hobbies and Dave is pretty pleased to have a two car garage to claim as his own for shop space. Their home was lovely, very comfortable.

Dave made a wonderful chicken stew and rice. Everyone brought something to share so there was lots to eat including deserts. It was a pleasant evening, 14 Foretravel folks who have become friends over time. Another one of those things we never expected that came with this lifestyle choice.

We are off to McDowell Mountain Regional Park just north of Fountain Hills.

More later, Much Love.

Roger and Susan

One thought on “Tucson, February, 2019”

  1. Roger and Susan,

    I so enjoy your posts and seeing you have so much fun.

    The buyer of Orchid is picking her up tomorrow. They live in Vancouver, WA. It will be a sad sad day for me. But will be a FT owner again soon.

    Ken Ketch


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