McDowell Regional Park, March 2019

Here are a couple last minute additions.

The Ocotillos are starting to bloom. The red flowers come out at the end of each stalk.

And then greens leaves along each stalk.

All of this seems to be happening in just a few days.

And the poppies are blooming in the middle of the campground.

The campground has two loops each with 40 camp sites. The sites are roomy and spaced far apart. We walked around both loops in the morning and one in the later afternoon and it was enough to get 10,000 steps

There is a playground between the two loops.

it has picnic tables, benches, sun shades and a giant slide disguised as a snake. There is a big spider climbing a rock.

And some desert sculpture as well.

Much of the rock in this area is granite and quartz. It doesn’t take long to find pretty good sized chunks of white quartz. One of the campground hosts turns it into art.

A coyote, road runner, a lizard and a scorpion.

Every day here was an interesting one, even the ones working on taxes. Lots to see, places to ride, places to walk. Time to just watch the sky, the clouds, the light and color.

Wondering if a thunderstorm is coming? No just clouds.

We have been here at McDowell Mountain three weeks, near Tucson for four weeks. We have been steadily increasing the time we stay at places we like. How well that feels depends on the place. There is always plenty to do right where we are. For the most part we go to places not in cities. There are always a few attractions in nearby cities we will go to see, local history and culture for example. We are not much for random shopping but it is very interesting to see the creativity and skill in things people create.

In eight years owning our Foretravel we have been in it as our home, wherever we have been, for more than three years. It is home and we are comfortable wherever we are.

More later, Much Love

Roger and Susan

One thought on “McDowell Regional Park, March 2019”

  1. Roger, as always, nice job with descriptions and wonderful photos to go along with the views you both are experiencing!
    Well, as I mentioned, we now have a new to us Foretravel. We should be heading back to MOT next week to pick it up. I had them take care of some issues that needed done before we picked it up. All else, I hope to be doing myself. All the bay lights will need to be changed out and will go with LED’s. We are officially Motorcade members again and Bev gave us our old number back. Nice! The coach is still on MOT website on page 2 of the Foretravels. It is the full body painted one.


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