A Short Trip to NAC, January, 2020

Every day at Maumelle we got out and walked. The campgound is full of trees.

And right on the river. There is a big marina just upstream, boat launches, picnic areas and lots of campsites. It is probably very popular and busy in the summer. With our Senior National Park Pass it is only $12/night.

We have about 11 days until our reservations in Orange Beach, AL So options? We thought we could stop at Vicksburg, MS to see the National Battlefield Park. Maybe Natchez. Maybe Memphis. Or maybe over to NAC, Nacogdoches, TX. Friends there to visit. Auntie Pasta’s for dinner. We chose NAC. And then from there Vicksburg and then Orange Beach where we found our reservations actually started a couple days earlier than we thought.

The Mothership

NAC is called the Mothership because that is where all Foretravels have been built and the gravitational pull is strong. If we are heading west in the winter it is pretty much on the way. South and east it is a side trip.

While we were there I got a spare part I needed, fixed a latch on one of the bay doors and talked to the Motorcade Club manager about ways to advertise my VMSpc Kits to the Motorcade membership. We stayed at the factory campground, not many there. They stopped selling coaches there. All previously owned coaches and new ones are now sold through one dealer in Texas and two in Florida. The idea is to concentrate on production. We will see how that works out. There were three coaches left for sale. They were all there placed on consignment by their owners. Many of those that were on consignment went across the highway to Motorhomes of Texas. That pushed their inventory way up.

I met a farmer from central Washington State who farms 6000 acres. They were there for service on their way to Florida for a couple months.

I went to a Stephen F Austin State University Sports Booster Lunch with Mike Harbordt. He and Jackie are big fans of SFA sports especially Basketball. The season is heading towards the final games and both SFA men and women teams are leading their conference. SFA games are on ESPN+ so later in the week we got to watch them on TV.

Susan and I went to lunch on another day with Mike and Jackie and a young lady from the SFA Women’s basketball team. Maria is from Ukraine and Susan thinks she was taller than me. Another day Mike took her to Lufkin, TX about 45 min away to get a Social Security card.


We enjoy playing card games with just about anyone who will play. Douglas and Amanda were about an hour away so we set up an afternoon of Quiddler and supper at Auntie Pastas. We play games with Mike and Jackie (who live in NAC) where ever we see them so we all went there to their home to see the dogs, Charlie and Clancy and to have six for Quiddler.

Charlie is a year old now and about 12 lbs. Clancy is about 1/2 his size and age. They are full of energy and fun.

We will see all of them again in about 6 weeks in Fredericksburg, TX.

After a great game of Quiddler, Douglas and Amanda and Susan and I went to Auntie Pasta’s. Another great dinner, one of our favorite places.

We also had a visit from Chappell Jordan. He too lives in NAC and is a skilled woodworker. It was nice to see him.

Tomorrow it’s off to Vicksburg.

More Later, Much Love,

Roger and Susan

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