Off Again, November 2020

In this time of Covid-19 pandemic with cases soaring, record numbers of people dying and the risks as high as they have ever been, we considered our winter plans (made long ago) with some care, actually lots if it. Can we stay safe? Will there be places we might have to avoid to stay safe? Who are we going to see and are they practicing good behavior? And many more questions.

We had some practice at this last spring starting in early March in New Orleans and Houston and then the rest of March and April in Fredericksburg, TX. We went from hearing about Covid-19 in NOLA to a 90% lockdown in TX by early March. We discovered we could wear masks, we could go to the grocery store in as safe a way as possible at that time. We could get out and walk and ride our bikes. We were as safe and isolated in our coach as we wanted to be. Sure our favorite restaurants were not open but you could get take out. A new batch of food trucks popped up in Fredericksburg with some tasty new choices. The DQ was an essential business and the drive through was open. So life on the road in a scary pandemic time is possible.

Because we would have been stuck pretty much at home all winter – the high school indoor walking track is closed, we are pretty burned out on take out, the roads will be icy and the opportunity for warm outdoors walking and bike riding almost every day was at the end of four days of driving – we decided to go.

And since three months at Pandion Ridge in Orange Beach, AL was only $175 more than twomonths we signed up for three and for the first time we left before the end of the year.

So we are off.

2 thoughts on “Off Again, November 2020”

  1. Thanks for this update on your travels. I’ll keep following your progress and experiences. It’ll be along winter w/o anything to do now that Habitat is closed for us. We’re doing our best to stay safe.



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