A Sunny Sunday


A lovely day today.  We woke to a warm sunrise over the Grand Lagoon.  Some coffee and a walk before breakfast through the entire campground.  The park we are in has a wide variety of growing zones.  The beach is white sand.  The dunes are covered in low growing grasses and shrubs that help hold them in place.  There are two types of pine forests here.  The flat land pines grow between the dunes.  Others grow in the areas beyond the dunes.  And then there are palm trees which grow everywhere.  We even saw cactus growing today.
There are some pretty classinc camping units here.
And the beach waiting for everyone.
Even the Spring Breakers get attention.

After breakfast we rode our bikes over to the main beach access from the park and walked down the beach for a mile or two and then back.  The sun was warm, the sand white, the Gulf waters calm and slightly green.  Boats, sailboats, parasailers, airplanes, people (very tanned seniors), jetskis and spring breakers. We were gone for about 4 hours.  A very nice day.

Home made just baked oatmeal raisin cookies and a glass of milk and a good book end to our day.  I actually see pink on my face and arms.  
We are off to the west tomorrow, 35 miles to Grayton Beach State Park for five days.  And then somewhere else yet to be determined.  
Every day is an adventure!
Roger and Susan

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