Grayton Beach

It is only 35 miles from St Andrew’s State Park to Grayton Beach State Park and a much different experience.

Monday was a moving day.  We always have a few things to stow for moving and to put away.  The bikes go back on the bike rack.  The chairs back in the basement.  The awnings rolled up.  The power cord disconnected and wound in.  All of the electronics get fired up, the engine started, the room retracted and when all indicators are in the green we are ready to go.  15-20 minutes on the short end, maybe 30 normally.  We pull out to a good spot to reconnect the Jeep and do a light check and we are off.
We stopped for some groceries and headed west.  Grayton Beach is half way between Panama City and Pensacola.  There is a small town, Santa Rosa Beach, nearby.  It is in between the Blue Mountain and Watercolor resort areas.  Blue Mountain is older, a mix of newer, rehabbed, existing and rundown rentals and aome residential.  Lots of shopping opportunities.  Watercolor looks like a planned community built from the ground up.  It all looks the same age, some condos, some single family, a town square, a shopping center, beach access and all of a common style, sort of a southern country mini-plantation look.  
Both are a modest bike ride away.  
Grayton Beach SP has two campground loops.  The older one where we are is in the Florida dune-woods.  Each site is pretty much surrounded by trees, quite private and separated from the others.  The other loop is more open and newer.  Several of the sites are paved (handicapped accessible) and several have sewer hookups.  Campers from all over the US are here.
We got settled and headed for the beach.   It is a couple hundred yards as the crow files.  We walked around this small salt marsh.  The campground is in the pines.
The beach was white sand, went on for several miles and where we were, had very few people.
The sand was very fine and white.
Today was a quiet day.  We went for a walk through the dunes and the pine forest, a bike ride and a Jeep ride to explore the area.  Almost got in our 10,000 steps.  Those things don’t count bicycle pedaling.  I finished one book today.  Susan has finihshed four so far.
A bit of rain tonight.  Breezy and some clouds tomorrow.  Cold coming in the the north by Thursday.  Thanks.
Roger and Susan

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