There Be Waves!

Wednesday began mostly cloudy after the rain the night before.  It started breaking up soon after breakfast. The winds were strong and gusty from the south.  And that pushed up the surf.

Not quite Hawaii like surf but respectable.  Both the Red Flag and the Purple Flags were flailing in the wind.  Red means dangerous surf or rip tides.  Purple means dangerous sea life.  Sharks?  Jelly fish?  Giant squid?  They didn’t say.  No one was in the water except for three 8-10 year old girls running in up to their knees and then squealing like only 8-10 year old girls can do when a wave came in and splashed them.  We asked a Park person later and she said it was jelly fish. I was hoping for the Creature from the Lagoon.

Any day at the beach with a good book and some sun is wonderful.  Even if someone wasn’t very warm.

These folks tried surf fishing in their chest high waders  They didn’t last very long.

It was windy all day.  By late afternoon the wind had turned mostly from the south to right out of the north.  The temperature was dropping.  We went for an evening twilight walk.  The moon, almost full, was out.  On the way back from the beach area we were heading right into a cold wind.  
It got down to 43°, cool enough to turn on the heat.  The bathroom in the coach has its own thermostat and heat zone so we can close the doors and crank up the heat. A shower when the bathroom is near 80° is pretty nice. 
This campground is quiet.  Makes it easy to sleep a long while.
Thursday, 3/13/2014
This morning we got going and had breakfast.  Something got to Susan because in no time flat she was rearranging drawers, the kitchen cabinets, the pantry and our storage bins. It was something we had talked about but it was happening right then.  In no time flat we had made room in one drawer for the the toaster, the electric tea kettle and the insulated carafe.  That left room in a kitchen cabinet to rearrage some dishes and supplies. And cleaning out the miscellaneous stuff drawer left it almost empty.  We need to find a small plastic box to hold the inside tools that are just in there loose now.  All done, now all we will have to do is remember where we moved things.
Then we set off to explore the Watercolor resort area.  It is immense.  Hundreds of homes, double homes, quad homes, condos and resort hotels.  There are also the requisite shops of every imaginable type, mostly catering to tourists with money.  Lots of restaurants, wine shops, cafes, coffee places, bike rental places, a boat, fishing tackle, stand up paddle board rental place, several pools, a tennis center, an art camp and on and on. There are five distinct neighborhoods (ocean side, lake front, art camp and so on).  Each has its own park areas and a town center of sorts.  The houses are all similar but range greatly in size and price.  Some look like Cape Cod shingle style cottages.
Most were a traditional southern style with porches, exposed rafters, lots of architectural detail and virtually no yards anywhere.  These are not new but are very well maintained.  We saw several being renovated, new windows, doors, siding, decks, railings and so on.  These would be a challenge to paint.
They ranged from single level bungalows, maybe 1500 sq ft to giant 6-7K sq ft homes.  The small ones were in the $1.5M range,  $3-4M and up for the bigger ones.  There is an empty 57’x112′ lot for only $700K.  Can you imagine the monthly association fees?
Very nice park areas.
A boat rental on a lake.
And of course, there is a beach.  It is the same beach we are on just east of us about a mile and a half.  The beach goes on for miles.  Where we are there are no rows of empty rental beach chairs standing guard against the onslaught of dangerous marine life.
65 and sunny.  After lunch we are walking west to the Grayton Beach Store, about a mile away, to look at hats and maybe an ice cream treat.
More to come …
Roger and Susan

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