Duluth 7/27


Well breakfast at the Delta Diner was pretty spectacular.  I had aMexican Omelet.  Susan had a blueberry and marscipone stuffed french toast.  We camped at a small county campground on Scenic Drive about a mile away.  Our site was at the bottom of a hill right at the beach on Delta Lake.  We went swimming in the lake.  Warm and weedy.
We drove over to Duluth.  We were going to meet our friends Bob and Ani for supper.  They were on a bike trip and got home late so that didn’t work out.  We stayed at the marina campground on Park Point.  We had to drive through Canal Park and across the lift bridge.

The campground was not much more than a parking lot but it was only two blocks to the bridge and the. Canal Park.

So we walked to the bridge.  Susan wasn’t too sure about crossing the bridge but she did!

For all the times we have been in Duluth, we had not spent any time on the other side of the ship canal. It is a different perspective.

There were two mounted police officers.  Big horses. 
We had a nice visit.  Went to Grandma’s in the morning to get a take out order of Cajun Chicken Fettucini. One order is plenty for the two of us for dinner when we got home.  An easy drive home getting home before rush hour on Monday.  
One day off on Tuesday and then five weekdays in a row at Habitat.  Now only two weeks till we are off again.
Busy thinking and planning long winter and summer 2015 trips.  
More later.
Roger and Susan

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