Nacogdoches, first few days

We are now at Xtreme Paint and Graphics. They have an apartment for folks who are here for stuff that is going to take awhile. The people who were here before us were having repairs done after a crash and as is not unusual, theirs is taking longer. We understand.

We have found several really nice areas for walking and will try to get out everyday. We had lunch today with four other Foretravel owners. They find out you are in town and that TX hospitality comes a running.

So we are staying in our coach at night for a few days. That is OK with us.  We are very comfortable. But they got started working today.

Repairing the damage done in September.

They just cut off everything they don’t want and make new parts and replace them.

They are replacing the headlights and the door over the generator. The driving lights in the generator cover are moving to the outer panels and they will be a license plate recess in the new door.

The front will look like this. (This is someone else’s coach.). This mod is a major and common upgrade to night time driving ability.

Cut out the tail lights.

New ones will look like this. Much brighter lights and the upper ones will be above the top of the Jeep and much easier to see from behind.

And we are changing the front step. Like this.

Two wider steps. This will be a nice safety improvement especially as we get older.

Probably will take another two weeks or so.

More later,

Roger and Susan

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