Parks and Rec

There is an extensive recreational trail system here in Nacogdoches.  At the north end of town there is a forested area, maybe 40 acres, called Tucker’s Woods.  Paved trails wind around through different parts of the landscape.  There are oaks, maples and giant pine trees as wellas many others.  Along side small creeks there are ferns of all sorts.  Part if it is on a hill side anspd part a sometimes wet lowland.  At on side is the Piney Woods Native Plant Center.  There is quite a bit of imformation about which plants do well in different ares and how to make a fire safe defensive area around your home.  Thi area is also the home of the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Demonstration Graden. In another month or so it will be lovely.

A new trail is being built heading north.  Heading south one comes to the MAST Arboretum.  It is a nice area, about 20 acres with winding trails and art installations.
The Lanana River runs along one side of the Arboretum.  Across the river is the Mize Azalea Gradens.  These are about 40 acres of mostly azaleas and some camellias. Last time we were in Nacadoches the Azaleas are blooming.  This time there are just beginning.

We got our bikes out rode through all of the areas we had walked through.  For our first time out on the bikes it was a good ride.

Lots of art in the gardens.  This is a big raven on top of a pump are from an oil well.  The raven is made of old tires and found objects.  It stands about 4 ft tall.

There is a Children’ Garden in the same area.  There is a really nice gazebo with nicely done timber framing.

And more art.
The University has a big Forestry School.  The folks need to have a training center for tree climbing and such.
Pretty neat!  But not every day is a walk-out-side kind of day.  We had a couple of rainy days so off to the library where we found this nice quilt.  Is is a bed sized quilt.

So there is plenty, well almost plenty, to do while work proceeds. We keep meeting more Foretravel folks.  Two folks from the ForeForums web site drove up to Xtreme, got out and said, “We know who you are!”  Lots of fun.  They’re coming over tomorrow for cake and show and tell.  We met a couple from Illinois down here looking at Foretravels.  They are new retirees and want to buy a motor coach and go full time.  So we spent a good part of one day witl them and a couple other Foretravels folks helping them look.  They were focusing on a 2003 U320 40ft.  It had a nice floor plan, very well maintained and all that they were looking for including price.  They had it inspected, worked with the dealer (Motorhomes of Texas), ironed out the details and made the deal.  Yesterday they joined the Foretravel family.

Still more to come, later.
Roger and Susan

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