Paint Today, More Paint Tomorrow

We watched a bit of Super Bowl last night.  Our neighbors, Amanda and Doug brought chocolate cookies and milk.  They are 25 years younger than us and quite chatty and quite fun.  All of a sudden it was 2 in the A of M!  We were getting up early to get into painting.

So up at 6, a bit of coffee and the morning Greg coach shuffle began. 
Our coach looks small in the giant paint booth.  The newer coaches are two feet taller and nine feet longer.  The paint booth has great lighting.
Our walks frequently pass this school. They must have known we were coming. We were by there when we went to the University stadium to walk laps.  It was only 46° and mostly in the sun.
One lap around the mid-level is 0.4 miles.  Up and down the ramps to the upper level is the same as climbing three and a half stories and back down. A couple of those and my knees were hurting. 12,000 steps that day.
Priming first. Then some very, very fine sanding. And then paint, an exact match.  It is pretty amazing how they match colors and mix paint by weight, gram by gram, some of this color and some of that color.  It is quite an art. 
The paint booth has huge amounts of air moving out through filters to manage over spray. And it was close to 90° in there.  The painter said they mix catalysts and driers into the paint so that it sets and cures quickly.
Tomorrow the small repairs on the driver’s side get painted as well as the front step and facia and a small detail on the generator bay cover. They are promising an afternoon finish.  Likely a late afternoon finish and a wash.  They have an industrial sized water ionizer whose water is used to wash the coaches.   The water sheets off without leading any spots.  
We will probably stay here over night and then head to the Foretravel Factory to get a minor adjustment to the slide.  It is not sure that we cn get in there so we might wind up across the street at Motorhomes of Texas.  If none of that works out I will likely do it myself.
Then the beauty spa.
More as things unfold.
Roger and Susan

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