Done at Xtreme

We finally finished at Xtreme this morning.  Three weeks and two days. Everything was done last night but they wanted to wait until this morning to reinstall the painted steps and the backup lights to give the new paint a bit more cure time.

So when all was done, the coach washed, money changed hands, hands were shaken we left and went to Motorhomes of Texas to get our slide adjusted. The factory service center was not too promising about sneaking us in so I checked over at MOT and they said they could get us in this AM.  So 1 hr and 40 min after we arrived we were ready to depart with an adjusted slide.  Happy campers.  So we moved to Camp Foretravel for the night (take on water and make a waste deposit),  There are about a dozen coaches here today.

New peepers.  Nice and bright!
And steps.

And a bright tail.

We saw a HFH ReStore in town.  I checked with the local affiliate and unfortunately they are not building anything right now o no hammer time.

Tonight we are having dinner with John and Kathy who have sold their home, bought a motorhome, the first one they have had, sold their cars and are buying another car suitable for towing and are setting off as recently retired full timers.  Dough and Amanda, also full timers are joining us as well.  We are going to Auntie Pasta’s, a great Italian place that we tried last week and wanted to go back.

Tomorrow AM we move to the detail shop for the full beauty spa treatment.  I should probably get the Jeep spiffed up too, or not.
We will actually start heading West on Sunday, about 200 miles to the Texas Hill Country.
More later,
Roger and Susan

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