Done in NAC

Five weeks after leaving Hastings we are finally leaving Nacogdoches.  It has been a long visit but much has been done.

The last stop was three days at the detail shop.  One guy worked on our coach from 7:30 each morning until about 5 on Thursday and Friday.  He started at 7:30 on Saturday and finished up about 4 in the afternoon.
All the detail, pretty amazing.  They even clened the insides of all of the bay doors, painted the insides of the wheelwell, shined the wheels and shined up the tires.  Very nice work.  So we went back to Camp Foretravel.  We had a dinner date with three other Foretravel owners, all full timers.
The Millers have been at Xtreme for more than two months and more to go. They are a nice older couple, we guessed in the their 80’s. They have been on the road for 11 years.

Doug and Amanda. Almost 2 years into it.

John and Kathy in their now to them Foretravel, ready to hit the road for day one.

Susan and Roger off towards New Braunfels.

My cute weather girl!
And over to Canyon Lake Corps of Engineering Campground.  On the lake, 50 amp hookups, water, $13/night.
We are going to be at the Lazy L&L campground for three nights.  We know some other folks here. Just a few days to decompresss after a month in NAC.
And then towards AZ.
Roger and Susan

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