More from Nehalem Bay State Park, 8/17 – 8/30/2015, Part 4

Bits and Pieces

We walk through the campground every day, often after supper.  There are yurts here, about 24 of them I think.  
They are like tents on platforms but have a simple interior wooden structure.  They have electricity, an electric heater, a table and chairs, a futon like couch/bed and a full sized/twin sized bunk bed.  The outside deck is covered and has a picnic table with a ramp leading up to it.  They are $15/night more than a regular campsite.  There are two where you can have a pet for an extra $10/night.  Every one was occupied every night we were here.
Actually, the park ranger said that every site was reserved and paid for every night we were here.  A very few were vacant but that is because the reservation holder was delayed or did not show up.  If a site is unoccupied for two nights they call to find out if the site can be released.  Even the camping area for hikers and bikers was mostly full every night.
There are many here from British Columbia.  Three of the five campground hosts are from BC.  Lots from Washington.

And cats seem to get special attention.
One day we drove down to Garibaldi at the north end of Tillamook Bay.  It is a big fishing port.  Lots of boats and a great restaurant for fresh fish, the Fisherman’s Corner and a good place to buy fresh fish, the Garibaldi Cannery.  We stopped there to get crab, four 2 lb crabs to be exact.  And it was about $80.  They were cooked and on ice.  The lady who was working that day had her nine year old daughter helping out. The young gal finished cleaning the crab (remove the top shell and the nasty bits inside and on a few, the nasty bits outside). We loaded it into a cooler and headed for Judy and Bruce’s place.  Sorry no pictures were allowed. The table was covered in several layers of the New York Times, plates, drinks, bowls full of crabs ready to be torn asunder and bowls at the ready to receive the refuse. It was so messy that no one wanted to touch their camera. It was all fingers, fists, wrists and elbows until the poor fellows had given their all. And empty bowl on one side, shards filled the other bowl. I think they had to hose off the deck after we were done.
Eggs Mex Benny
Susan and I made Eggs Mex Benny one morning for the four of us. They are a fluffy, buttery buttermilk biscuit with sharp cheddar cheese, roasted corn and spicy chopped green chilis topped with cheesy scrambled eggs or poached eggs and a bold chorizo sausage gravy, a melty white mexican cheese and salsa.

The table (cleaned after the attack of the crab eaters) ready in full color.

And Eggs Mex Benny.  Yum.

Wanda’s for Breakfast
A local favorite is Wanda’s in Nehalem mostly for breakfast but lunch too. We got there at 10:00 hoping for breakfast at 10:30.  If was closer to 10:45.  Which is pretty normal.
No need to be impatient.  No more pictures, just eating. It was worth the wait.


Cool hot poster. There was a great burrito shop.  Giant two person burritos for $6.50.  No sales tax in Oregon.
Stormy Weather
And the last couple days we were here it was stormy.  
But the deer fawns don’t seem to mind.
We are leaving in the morning and are almost all ship shape and Bristol fashion.  A couple quick things in the morning and we will be ready for a 9 ish departure.  Off towards Bend, OR then Ontario, OR then Idaho Falls, ID and finally up to the Grand Tetons National Park and Yellowstone National Park.  Four days on the trail, trying to avoid where we have been and the fires.
Lots more from there, I hope the internet connections and speed are better.
Roger and Susan


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