More from Nehalem Bay State Park, 8/17 – 8/30/2015, Part 3

Riding the Trails

Nehalem Bay State Park has lots of different parts.  Camping, the beach … miles of beach, an airport, the bay, fresh water fishing, salt water fishing, a boat launch, a day use area and access to the ocean from the river mouth at the south end of the park.  And then you can ride your bike or walk into Mazanita, less than two miles away.  There is a nice bike trail through the park too.

Most of it is paved, the rest, gravel. It goes through the small inland sand dunes that are covered in many kinds of grasses (Scotch Broom and European beachgrass) and pine trees (Shore and Maritime).
These plants cover the low dunes between the campgrounds and the bay and the high dunes between the campground and the ocean beaches.
The trail comes out on the bay.

And the river.
And the airport runway.

And then back into the campground where everyone seems to bring everything.

Including a refrigerator.
Lots of folks have boats and crabbing equipment.  The commercial season is over but not for individuals.  And they are catching and cooking crab.  Probably the reason for the refrigerator.
And then out to the beach for some kite flying.  Very windy this evening. Cool.


And Bruce

And the string.
And the sun goes down on another day.

More later,
Roger and Susan

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