Foretravel Forum Folks

While we were at the coast we had a chance to meet some folks from the Foretravel Forum.  It is always fun to do, we sort of know them from the Forum but getting to actually meet someone is great.

Dick S as he is known on the Forum is Dick Shanahand and his wife is Rocky.  They are 14 year full timers and have a 40 ft Foretravel, a popular size for full timers.  They were staying in a Thousand Trails campground up in Seaside, OR about 20 miles north of us and drove down one day for a visit and lunch. Dick agreed to bring desert and he experimented on us with his first flan baked in a silicone baking dish.  It was fabulous.  Dick and Rocky were very easy to get to know. It was interesting to hear about their full time life.  It is mobile but almost in slow motion.  There is no hurry to travel although in 14 years they have.
The Old Hippie as Rick Webster is known and his wife Debbie have a 36′ Foretravel. They also came for a visit.  I first met Rick on the Forum when they were looking for a coach.  They have had their coach now for two and a half years. We have missed them by one or two days this year alone in three places and so when we were both in Oregon at the same time we really made an effort to connect.  They came to Oregon thinking they would be able to just go from place to place finding a spot to stay where ever they went.  They found out that this is really hard on the coast in the summer.  Everything is almost 100% full. They found a place in Lincoln City for a few days and then were moving down to Newport.  They wanted to see more of the northern coast so they drove up for a visit.  We had a great visit, a nice lunch thanks to Susan and a a lemon cake that Rick and Debbi brought.  They are busy travelers, lots of shorter trips, getting longer.  And still more shorter stays also getting longer. They also were nice folks, easy to talk to and fun.

So for us we got to see both ends of the spectrum.  Long time full timers and fairly new owners. We are somewhere in between.  We are taking longer trips, staying in place for longer and are getting comfortable moving less often, for less distance and taking more time to be where we are.
It was fun to make connections. There are many more to make.  We are signed up for the Grand Vention, a gathering of Foretravels, in Indiana in October.  There should be about 120 of them there, more than half are Forum members.
More later,
Roger and Susan

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