Home to Hastings

It was pretty close to 4-1/2 hrs from Adrian to Hastings. Maybe a bit more, there was some construction.  It is hard to say but after almost 5,000 miles through North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Wyoming and South Dakota some of the worst roads we have seen are right here.  I 90 and US 52 are in pretty poor shape. It was a stark contrast between I 90 in South Dakota and Minnesota. So why is this? What is it about Minnesota? I 94 heading NW towards Fargo when we left was the same way.  

We stopped on a level spot just before home and disconnected the Jeep.  Susan drove on ahead and I followed, stopped just past the driveway and backed in.  The driveway seemed to be gone.  Grass and plants and leaves almost completely covered it. But in I went.  Susan had the barn doors open.  The tractor was in the barn, it started right up and it got moved and the coach was backed into the barn. It took about an hour and a half to unload the refrigerator and freezer, bring in all of the extra food, bring in all of our clothes and toys and be back. Move from one house to another.
We both are glad to be home but wish we had stayed longer especially in Oregon and the Tetons. Some of our reservations were made almost a year ago and others last March. These high demand places take some planning.  We usually try to keep things as flexible as we can.
Where to next?  Indiana.  We leave on 10/11 for Columbus where more that 100 Foretravel coaches will gather at CERAland campground right next to the Cummins engine factory. It will be fun to meet many of those we have come to know on the Foretravel Forum and many that we already know, attend technical seminars, get a tour of the Cummins factory and hear from Foretravel executives about plans for the future. And there will be lots of show and tell as well.  
More later.
Roger and Susan.

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