Padre Island National Seashore

Just across the channel near the end of the causeway from Corpus Christi and to the south is North Padre Island.  The town there is actually part of Corpus Christi. It probably has a name but we never figured out what it was.  Drive through that part of town past the condos about five miles to the Visitor’s Center of the Padre Island National Seashore.

We stopped to pick up some information and an iron on patch.  We try to get one at most places we visit.  With some Velcro added to the back side they stick to the fabric part of the window valence above the windows in the coach.  They add a colorful accent as well as a reminder of all of the places we have been.  We have 58 of them now and are starting to run out of room.


This is a fun way to keeps places fresh.


I always thought being a Park Ranger would be fun.

The Visitor’s Center is on the Gulf side of the island.  On the bay side there is a basic campground (parking lot) and picnic areas.  This is a very popular kite boarding, kayaking and stand up paddle board area.  You can go half way across the bay (1/2 mile or so) and it is only about 4 feet deep.  There are some deeper areas where there are channels for boats and a much deeper dredged section that is part of the InterCoastal Waterway.

The InterCoastal Waterway is a protected way for ships to travel from Brownsville, TX to Boston, MA.  The 3,000 miles began in pieces as far back as the early 1800’s.  The War of 1812 provided more incentive to complete sections.  The Houston Ship Channel is part of the ICW and was originally built in 1872. The demands for efficient bulk transportation demonstrated in WWII and the risk of German UBoats got things moving to finish even more.  Today a deep wide protected channel gets you all the way along the gulf and somewhere through Florida to Boston.  Pretty amazing.


A pretty boring campground but it was almost full.

There is another Gulf side campground, still pretty much a parking lot but many of the spaces are much wider and make for some reasonable off-grid camping.  And if you really want to rough it the paved highway ends about 1/2 mile past the Visitor’s Center on the beach.  And then it is 68 miles to where the paved highway starts again.  And in Texas the beach is considered a state highway so off you go.  And anything does.


A 4×4 pickup had no problem.  There were lots of just regular cars out there as well  and the home of the brave too.


We stopped for a while to sit in the sun.  It was warm and windy.


Lot of fun.  The Jeep does well.

That’s it from here.

More later,

Roger and Susan




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