Port Aransas, TX Jan 2017

Port Aransas is a smaller town at the north end of Mustang Island.  Several expensive RV parks with what looked like small spaces, a big marina or two, several hotels, lots of condo-like places, homes, lots of places to eat and a ferry to the mainland.  It is actually a fleet of ferry boats with 6 or 8 loading docks.  They run continuously and even in this off-season time the waits were 30 minutes.

There was a kite store there as well which was the main reason for going there.  We got a kite for a young fellow we know in Oregon and a whirling thing and a spool of 90 pound test line for a big kite I got last summer at Mackinaw Island.  So back to the beach.  I am sure Port A is wonderful for some folks but not our kind of place for lang.


It was interesting that almost every kite and wind sort of thing there was made in China except for this whirling thing  which was made in Oregon.

The new kite is colorful, topical and flew well.

My big kite is over six feet wide and in the strong wind pulled out a couple hundred feet of line in a flash. I was out there pulling on the line doing my shoulder exercises.  There were several kite boarders off-shore too.  The wind would catch their big kites and they would fly through the air.  They were all in wet suits with elaborate harnesses and big curved kites riding on something that looked like a cross between a surfboard and a snowboard.


And there was always somebody fishing out on the jetty.  Maybe not so much catching though.

We found some banana pudding and vanilla cookies to use up our old bananas.  Yum.


And then it was time to leave.  Three weeks on the Texas Gulf Coast.  Windy and humid and fun.

We are off towards San Antonio on a not so direct and not very quick route to Tucson.

More later,

Roger and Susan



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