Tucson AZ, March 2017, Part 5

Well, it is time to leave Tucson. After two busy weeks it seems way too soon.  Next time we will have to stay for a month or more.

We got to see Judy and Bruce (sister and brother-in-law) and our friend Bob from Duluth.

We saw many fellow Foretravelers here as well.

  • Kent and Peggy Speers, 
  • Ken (and almost Dori) Hathaway, 
  • Dave Katsuki and Nancy Elkins, 
  • Carol and Jeff Savournin, 
  • Richard and Betty Bark,
  • Jeff and Christy Lendroth (they bought Carol and Jeff’s coach)
  • Leslie and Rick from Washington

We met most of these folks before at Diamond J’s or somewhere else or on the Foretravel Forum. It is always nice to meet people in person.

Next we are going to McDowell Mountain Regional Park NE of Phoenix.  It doesn’t look like a long way on the map but it is still 2-1/2 hours away. Sundays always seem to be a pretty good travel day.

More later,

Roger and Susan

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