Harris Beach State Park, Oregon, Summer 2017.

Our goal was to visit five of the ten best Oregon Beach State Parks starting at the south end and working north. Harris Beach State Park near Brookings was our first stop. There was another major wild fire just a few miles inland. About 1/3 of the campground was filled with fire crews.

When we got to Harris Beach there wasn’t too much smoke. The beach was maybe 1/2 mile long with big off shore rocks. The campground was fine but our site was hard to get into but we managed.

We were up on a bluff overlooking the beach. There was one way down to the beach and another way down to tide pools.

I walked down there, a pretty steep path. The waves came through an opening in the rocks into the semi-circular pool.

There were lots of small crabs, star fish and other things in the water.

The rock layers were very interesting, greenish like they had copper in them and clearly layered.

We got to spend some time on the beach.

A nice beach park. We were there for three days. By the last day the wind had shifted and we were back in the smoke.

Next up, Sunset Bay. Sounds divine.

More later,

Roger and Susan

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