Easter at Georgetown COE, March 2018

Our plans for a quiet Easter didn’t stand up to the great plans made by Amanda and Douglas. Their friends Melisa and her husband Mike came in their camper. Melisa’s sister Alice came with her husband Colt and their daughter Caroline and Colt’s mother Cheryl. And more friends Chate and Michelle came with their young son Arya. And there were several dogs too. Alice is nearly due pregnant and Melisa announced that she too was pregnant. A baby boom!

We had Korean barbecue on Saturday night and a pot luck lunch on Sunday.

Amanda was determined to get pictures. She worked hard to wrangle the herd.

Even with two cameras it was a challenge.

But finally they were together.

Here are the visitors. Colt, Alice, Caroline, Cheryl, Mike, Mellisa, Arya, Michelle and Chate. Mellisa and Alice are sisters.

Colt brought a very serious fishing boat so a few of them got up at dawn on Sunday to go fishing. They were back about noon in time for lunch. They caught and released fish so no fresh fish of the day for us.

There were colored eggs filled with confetti. They were colored empty egg shells with a hole in the bottom. Confetti was inside and the hole sealed up with a paper mache like cover of the same color. When the kids broke the eggs confetti flew all over. Pretty neat. The eggs came in a regular egg carton from a local store.

It didn’t take long before everyone was pooped. The dog stood guard over Alice and Caroline and baby to be.

It was nice to meet some of Amanda and Douglas’s friends and share the day with them.

Update: Alice had her baby, a boy, Baby Jackson.

A room full of well wishers including Grandma.

Uncle (almost) Douglas and Auntie (almost) Amanda were pretty pleased.

More later,

Roger and Susan

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