Fredericksburg, TX, April 2018. Alamo Springs Cafe

Alamo Springs is about 25 miles south of Fredericksburg as the car goes. Crows have a much straighter path. It is mostly narrow twisty state and county roads that lead towards the Old Tunnel State Park which is right next to the Alamo Springs Ranch wherein lies the Alamo Springs Cafe.

Old Tunnel State Park is an abandoned (1942) railroad tunnel of the Fredericksburg and Northern Railway. It was made into a state park in 2012. Most of the visitors to the park are bats who come and go each evening.

The Alamo Springs Cafe is famous for hamburgers and onion rings. Those seem to be Texas favorites along with chicken fried steak.

An unassuming spot. But a popular destination.

Big burgers of almost any variety.

And onion rings.

And the “See If You Can Eat It All” burger. It is probably close to four pounds of ground beef.

Rudy and Carolyn drove up from San Antonio to join us the first time we went.

Chuck and Jeanie from Midland TX joined us the second time.

As did Max and Mary from Houston. All Foretravel owners who stopped in at Fredericksburg.

Free advice on the wall.

So my advice is when you are in the area, find the Alamo Springs Cafe and have lunch. Good!

More later,

Roger and Susan

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