National Blueberry Festival, South Haven MI, Summer 2018, Part 1.

Our southern most excursion into the lower part of Michigan brought us to the Blueberry Festival in South Haven. It has been going on for decades and they call it the “National” one just to puff it up a bit. We stayed just south of South Haven at Van Buren State Park. It is the name of the county, the township and schools too and we assumed that it must be named for Martin Van Buren and we were right but not when he was president but when he was vice president. Funny thing is that he seems to have nothing to do with Michigan.

Martin Van Buren

We had a really nice shady site. Not much for solar. The park is essentially in the sand dunes east of Lake Michigan’s eastern shore. It is fairly flat but still sand. We just backed in and stopped and were OK.

Ted and Karen (Foretravelers we met in Fredericksburg, TX last winter) were in Indiana heading for Oregon in a somewhat random sort of way and heard we were going to the Blueberry Festival. They turned right at some point and showed up in Van Buren State Park just minutes before we did.

Their site was not very level. Ted is a level headed guy and wanted perfection so back and forth here and there, some turning here some turning there and he plowed up the sand into a giant trap. And he was stuck. Good and stuck.

I tried to pull some with our Jeep. All four wheels turned and started digging holes.

The park rangers came over, yup stuck. Karen called Coach-Net, the roadside assistance for RVs. Once the issue was figured out a tow truck, a big tow truck, was dispatched and arrived in 20 min. The tow truck driver was a nice guy. He said he gets called to the park about half a dozen times each summer for the same thing, stuck in the sand.

The tow guy hooked up some big cables, lowered some big feet at the end of his truck that had almost like shovels on then to dig in and anchor the truck and then tightened up the cables and lifted his boom at the same time. Ted had his coach in reverse and just a little help was all it took and he was back on pavement.

From every direction spectators came to watch. As soon as Ted was out they were gone.

The tow guy hung around for a bit until Ted moved to another flatter (not perfect but good enough) site. Ted backed in and stopped. No wiggling for perfection this time.

All in and the tow guy was gone in a flash. Coach-Net picks up the cost for members. (we pay an annual membership fee which is way less than the cost of the tow guy coming to help). Don’t go anywhere without it.

So our friends Ted and Karen survived. It is good to be able to have the support you need, call for some help, get it taken care of and maybe laugh a bit when it is done. It was hot. We got dirty. Time for a shower.

More friends, Douglas and Amanda were on their way too. They waited until the work was done and then showed up.

They were in the site next to us, just a few sites away from Ted and Karen.

Let the party begin.

More later. Much love.

Roger and Susan

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