National Blueberry Festival, South Haven MI, Summer 2018 Part 2

Part of the reason we came here was to see Amanda and Douglas. They are full timers who make jewelry to sell at craft fairs. They will be staying in one place in the northern part of lower Michigan for a month this summer and for all summer next year. Partly because they have a small sailboat and can sail where they stay and partly because there is a good selection of artisan craft fairs within a day of where they are staying that they can go to. So between sailing and the craft fairs they are busy making stuff to sell. Bracelets and necklaces made of magnetic beads and silver, crystals and gem stones that are supposed to be good for what ails you.

We all made the house show and tell rounds, every one is different. Ted and Karen have a rare 2001 36′ with no slide. Cherry interior in a U270 with other details that made us pretty sure it was a custom built coach.

We all fit! They have MCD shades on all of their windows. These are a big step up from the pleated shades. The day time shade blocks sun and adds privacy. The night time shade is very dark. And they are very easy to operate. We are thinking about these.

One afternoon Susan and I baked one of our last home made rustic apple pies from last fall’s crop. While it was baking we made pasties. Beef, pork, potatoes, rutabagas, onions, all wrapped up in a pie dough crust. We baked those when the pie was done.

Perfect, just like Mom used to make. Cut up fruit and a nice salad made a great pot luck dinner for all to share.

Amanda is the Queen of Selfies. We had our school lunch plates to keep food organized.

We went to the Farmers Market one day. Great peaches!

Susan found a hummingbird feeder that she liked so now we have another one for home. And some peach pound cake to have with the peaches.

Every one found something to like and then we went to a coffee shop for a coffee and a scone.

We went down to the State Park beach on Lake Michigan. The first time we walked over an immense dune, lots of work, and back over it on the way out. Then we discovered a no hill way. We went that way next.

Sailboats, waves and warm sun.

Until the end of the day.

Tomorrow, the Festival begins.

More later, Much Love.

Roger and Susan

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