A Nice Coach, January, 2019

We heard that our friend Bill was considering selling his coach. He thought it was time for something different and was considering an Airstream trailer. My first thought was about the 4 door 4×4 Ford pickup that he towed. We rode with him one day last winter to a place we were going to see and it was very nice, roomy and comfortable. By the time I asked about it he had already traded it in on a bigger more robust pickup to tow a trailer.

And then we thought about his coach, a 2003 Foretravel, U320, 38ft with a tag axle, a living room slide and a bedroom slide with the bed crosswise in the coach. They call this arrangement an East-West bedroom. His floor plan is actually from 2004 so this is a late 2003 coach and one of perhaps five total with this floor plan. The tag axle increases gross weight capacity and stability in cross winds.

We wanted to go see it so we drove over (about 60 miles) to take a look. In TX that is like going to the corner store. Bill is a full timer.

it is an attractive coach, full body paint and very well kept. Bill opened every door and showed us every detail.

Tools and ladders and OH My! He had taken out the big LP tank and replaced the LP gas cook top with an induction cook top. It had a residential refrigerator, a Knoedler air ride drivers seat, MCD shades and more interior upgrades that made very nice looking.

It has a private bath which means the toilet is in its own small room. Bill’s coach also had a second bathroom sink in there and a window and a surprising amount of storage as well.

I had always thought this would seem cramped but it did not. Susan gave it a sit down roominess test and gave it a thumbs up.

The head of the bed is in the BR slide. With the slide out you can walk around the bed. At the back of the coach there are two large closets and a washer/dryer. The wall opposite the slide has cabinets and drawers and a TV that rises up out of the cabinet.

All very nice. Walnut wood interior, tile and carpet floors. It was fun to look at, interesting to think about. We went out and had a nice lunch with Bill to top off the day. In the end we are quite happy with what we have especially considering the work we have done to make it just the way we want it for us. But if there was ever a coach that tempted us to change this was as close as it got.

I thought about this coach. I have been emailing back and forth with a fellow from Colorado for a year or so who was looking for a Foretravel, what to consider, what years, what features, lots of questions, lots to consider. He wanted to store it inside during the winter and the 40 ft ones he considered were too long. So they were looking for a 36′ and after seeing one with a slide, they wanted a slide. I sent him a note and asked if Bill’s coach might work. He said yes so I sent Bill’s contact info to him and his to Bill. The next morning I got an email from Bill, he had sold his coach, and one from Tom, he had bought a coach. Pretty good for both of them.

By now all should be complete. Bill is picking up his new Airstream this week.

I am glad for both and now that it is done there is no second guessing on our part.

More later, Much Love,

Roger and Susan

3 thoughts on “A Nice Coach, January, 2019”

  1. Well Roger it may be done for now, and a nice feeling to get two people together for such a large purchase. You deserve a commission. Having said that, I think Susan looked pretty comfortable in the coach, so I would bet a buck or two that you two will make some type of change sooner rather than later. Good luck and keep the good postings coming. See you in AZ.


    1. I really don’t see any need to change coaches now. The common refrain to people looking for a coach is to buy your last coach first. We think we did that. If we were full timing it might be a different story but that is not going to happen.

      Bill bought us lunch when we visited him and again at the Monument Inn near Baytown. Helping two folks get together to get this done feels pretty good, reward enough for me.

      See you in a month or so.


  2. Roger,

    I think you made a wise decision to stick with what you have.

    I have sold my coach to Bob who lives in Vancouver, WA. He came to Eugene this past Tuesday when we were picking up the coach and then called me on Thursday to say he wanted it. I am waiting for a deposit check and he will becoming down in a couple of weeks to pick it up. I have several things to fix before he gets here and we are leaving next weekend for Mexico for a week.

    It is sad for me to part with Orchid but given our current plans it is for the best. I will stay an active member of the Forum, as I plan to purchase another motorhome in the next few years. It has been wonderful to get to know you and Susan. Wishing you many safe travels.

    Ken Ketch


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