Heading West, January, 2019

Time to leave Onalaska. Next stop is Baytown, TX where Rudy and Carolyn live.

But first we had blueberries to use so we made pancakes like we get at the North Pole Cafe at home and then a bunch of normal sized ones to freeze for later.

Blueberries are the main ingredient in blueberry pancakes. So more blueberries than pancake.

Rudy and Carolyn’s

We have been to Rudy and Carolyn’s before. They have a very nice RV site on a lake at their friend Ralph’s place. We stay in front of Ralph’s RV barn. Susan and Carolyn went shopping and to the grocery store. We did laundry, washed the Jeep and a bunch of other stuff that it was convenient to do here.

I did some trim work for Carolyn where their cabinets meet the floor. They are not square corners but round. There were seven corners to trim so I made eight curved trim pieces before we left with enough on each leg to trim to fit.

Once they were finished they matched the sample Rudy had sent.

Once installed they looked pretty good.

I went with Rudy on three Aqua Hot service calls. Rudy is an Aqua Hot Specialist (he had to go to school and hands on training) and is pretty busy at this time of the year. He started this after he retired and it keeps him busy.

We went to a really nice place with a big house, RV barns and horse barns.

Rudy gets into it, really into it sometimes. Rudy fits into these places much better than I would.

Much of what he does is basic service but a big part of what he does is diagnostic. Something doesn’t work, there are lots of possibilities, what needs fixing and how to fix it.

It is always fun to tag along, learning from Rudy. And sometimes actually help. We needed to fix a blown fuse at one stop, a round tubular glass fuse used for in-line fuses. Rudy didn’t have the right kind. We went to a hardware store and they didn’t have one either. So the fix was a normal automotive fuse in and automotive fuse holder spliced in where the old in-line fuse holder was. Perfect.

We replace two bearings in our AquaHot. They were a bit noisy. Rudy did most of the work, I helped. If they ever need replacing again I can do it myself after seeing how it was done.

We went to the Monument Inn for a late lunch one afternoon. Bill Blackmon and Pete and Diana (his neighbors) joined us. Lunch was wonderful, I had blackened redfish, Susan had a Cajun shrimp pasta. The Monument Inn is right on the Houston Ship Channel. Ships went by while we enjoyed our lunch.

Later that day some other Foretravel owners, Keith and Jo, stopped by for a visit. It is always fun to meet new folks.

A beautiful sunset to end the day and our visit.

Next stop is Canyon Lake COE and then on to Kerrville.

More later, Much Love,

Roger and Susan

PS. Bill let me know a couple days ago that Tom had flown in and the sale of his coach ( mentioned in an earlier blog) was completed. Bill handed the keys to Tom and Tom drove off. Bill is getting his Airstream trailer this week at last word.

One thought on “Heading West, January, 2019”

  1. Hey you two! Just an update on what we’ve been up to since Quartzsite. We arrived at Quail Run on the 16th of Jan expecting to spend a week there but Fri morning Betty had a seizure in the coach around 0800! I called 911 and they ended up life flighting her to a hospital in Goodyear, AZ. They couldn’t find any cause for the seizure so they basically said we could pretty much do what we wanted. We drove back to the Q then left for home the next day. Since then it has been lots of trips to see different doctors, and lots of tests. CAT scan, PET scan, stress test, EKG and today is what I hope is her last test which is an EEG with sleep deprivation. So far, nothing has shown up as to why Betty has that seizure. All the experts have said lots of people have one then never have another. The most likely cause is, lack of sleep and stress, plus Betty has coffee the night before so didn’t help either. So, I have put this off till now so I could give you a more full report on what happened. Also, one downside of having a seizure and calling the paramedics is Betty can’t drive for 3 months, or gets clearance from the DMV. She has been fine ever since the incident so we will just go on with our lives.

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