Summer Projects, 2019. Part 3.

Let’s see, what was next. Oh, I remember.

Chasing Thin Air

Over the last couple years the pressure switch on our small compressor that supplies air to the slide seal and leveling system was sticking on occasion. When it stuck the compressor would not start. Not all the time but when it did I had to crawl into the basement, remove the cover on the switch and tap on the contact arm to get it to move. It always did but it was not something I wanted to do in the pouring rain (if it was raining) or the middle of the night.

So I got a new pressure switch. And then I just had to start chasing some nagging air leaks. I decided to check all of the plumbing from the compressor to the HWH tank (used for the slide seal) and to the two six packs which control ride height while driving and leveling when not. I replaced six check valves here and there that keep air going only one way. And two pressure protection valves that maintain a minimum pressure in the air brake tanks. We had air leaks in the air controller for the sliding floor section that covers the front steps while we drive. These were really hard to get to to fix so I added a 12v electric valve that only provides air to the leaking step slide when we switch it on.

I moved the safety valve, the water separator and the pressure switch to a much more accessible location on the rear wall of the bay and added an air drier and a secondary filter.

This is much easier to get to and to service as needed.

I added a pressure gauge for the pressure in the slide seal, 11 psi, just what it is supposed to be. The slide seal holds pressure for months. I added another gauge for the pressure at the compressor. I can see these when I open the bay door.

The compressor is in the same place but I swapped the much smaller original compressor for a bigger one and added an on/off switch to the switch panel in the coach next to the driver. Without all of the parts that got moved the compressor is much easier to service as well.

Air systems are very complicated on these coaches. Lots of connections and opportunities for leaks. And leaks are inevitable. So the goal is to get to a manageable state. Some leaks are OK. We are much closer to just very small leaks than we were. At this point I am happy. Days or weeks to get the last 1 or 2%, it is not really worth it. Even if you got to zero leaks just a few weeks later and something would start leaking again.

Be happy. šŸ‘

More Later, Much Love,

Roger and Susan

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