End of the year, 2019.

Lots of things are coming to an end as this year comes to an end.

All good things.

It is the end of a decade. Who ever thought we would get through Y2K and here we are 20 years on.

Retirement, Finally.

It is time for my third and last retirement now from software development and consulting. The last retirement was 13 years ago when I stopped working for all but one client. They have a large software system that I have written over the years. It is used by many people every day in almost every aspect of their business. They really wanted me to keep on with support and some new work. That worked out to be about 15 hours a month. I have been working with these folks for more than 22 years, now it is time to stop. Lots of changes coming. Time for me to stop.

So as of the end of the year I was done, well almost. They asked me to do a final documentation task. I agreed. Completely done at the end of February. Period.

I will miss my good friends and colleagues there. Steve Knapp had the foresight to begin. Julie Westad has been a constant supporter and guide. John Berger was the steadying hand that made the collaboration endure. Brenda Bey was my everyday partner. We worked closely on each project along the way. She did a thorough job of testing our projects and having the perspective of the end user. She has been constantly learning and improving her own programming skills. In all that we accomplished together she deserves much credit and my appreciation.

Good Friends Standing Down.

One of the amazing things we discovered owning a Foretravel and traveling is all of the new friends we have gotten to know. This really was unexpected. And one of the things that is sometimes hard is when some of them stop traveling.

Our good friends Scott and Carol are hanging up the keys and putting their coach up for sale. They are building a small house behind their daughter’s house and will live there. We will miss seeing them on the road but will be in frequent contact. We plan on stopping to see them in early March.

Ted and Karen are also selling their coach and moving into a townhouse north of Cincinnati to be near their daughter and grandkids. The kids are five or less and Ted and Karen want to be there while they grow up and still think Grandma and Grandpa are cool. So after 13 years of full timing they are taking a break. They assure us that they will meet us at Custer State Park in September for the Buffalo Roundup.

All of these friends are experiencing change as are we relative to them. We are sure these are best choices and good changes for all. They will always be good friends.

So, many changes. Susan and I are moving past 70. We are approaching our 45th anniversary soon. Above all we are grateful to be experiencing every day together. An adventure, each one.

More Later with Much Love,

Roger and Susan

One thought on “End of the year, 2019.”

  1. Congratulations on your final retirement. I too found that hard to do and at 74 was still doing flooring and plumbing work for those that needed a reliable worker who was fair in his charges! Yes, a lot has happened in those 20 years for sure. Not sure how much longer we all will enjoy the leaps and bounds. Dottie and I have just celebrated our 53rd anniversary, so you and I are few and far between.


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