Odds and Ends, Orange Beach, Alabama, February 2020

Hot Dog

One day walking at the beach we saw what we all wished we would be someday.

It was pretty cool, just drove up, they opened the doors and people started showing up for pictures. Two person crew, dressed in OM outfits. We though maybe they would be fulfilling everyones dreams, free hot dogs, but no. Maybe they were giving out coupons. But it was fun to see.


This is not us but lots of beach to sit on and walk.

Great big long fishing pier. Complete with pelicans.


One day this RV showed up in the campground.

A GlobalX Vehicle. An off road monster with a vertical slide, bedroom was on the second floor. I talked to the owner, they had just picked it up and were on a shake down trip. My guess is that with those giant tires and suspension there was indeed some shakin’ goin’ on. He said maximum speed was 58 mph but it drove OK. Probably have a ladder stored somewhere for getting the bicycle down. And a fork lift to get the spare tire off.

Where do you go with one of these? Probably out in the BLM lands in Arizona. We have seen others like this. Kind of an oddity.

These were very amazing. We first saw these in 1980 in Utah and they are still around (newer ones though).


We have been looking around for a sign to put at our campsite while we are there. Who we are, where we are from. At every corner the answer was staring us in the face. And easy to get at Amazon.

Now all we have to do is find a post.

More Later, Much Love,

Roger and Susan

4 thoughts on “Odds and Ends, Orange Beach, Alabama, February 2020”

  1. Roger,

    I also remember seeing a couple of these sleeper busses camped in the former downtown San Francisco campground. It was amazing to see about 60 German people exit the coffin like sleeping compartments from two busses for breakfast.

    I sure do miss that downtown park, which is now a commuter train terminal. It was with a few blocks of downtown. I owned a customized FMC 2900R at that time.

    Glad you are having a great time on your trip.

    I was about ready to purchase a Coach House class C until this shut down of our economy. We were forced to close Elements Manufacturing and layoff about 60 people. I have my hands full with dealing with the fall out of this disaster.



  2. I have a mini brush with weiner mobile fame. I dated a girl whose dad worked for Oscar Mayer. One Saturday during high school I got to ride on the weiner mobile during a parade near Madison WI and got to toss out tiny weiner whistles to the parade crowd. I kept my weiner whistle for years but ultimately it disappeared. I think a jealous roommate might have taken it……


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