Fredericksburg, TX, April 2020

Everyone we knew who were going to be in Fredericksburg came and went. Norm and Shirl from Colorado were there when we got there and when we left. Probably for the rest of the summer.

On Our Own

Almost everything was closed. Some restaurants were open for take out. We picked up dinner for us and Norm and Shirl one evening from Hondo’s, a popular place for food and music downtown. We also got lunch to go a couple times at Nury’s which is a great spot adjacent to the RV Park. We were really hungry for a burger and they filled the bill perfectly.

Lots of other places too, Camp Verde, Alamo Springs Cafe, Airport Diner, a half dozen BBQ places, all closed. All of the German food places in town were closed. Opa’s Smoked Meats was open for curbside takeaway. We got some pastrami.

Bottom line was we ate mostly at home, walked every day, played a lot of Quiddler, watched about half of the Foyle’s War series. We watched the movies Midway and 1917.

I finished our 2019 taxes and then decided to wait until June to file. I had a few last details to finish up in the post final retirement process. Almost all done.

Odds and Ends

We went for a drive one day up toward Llano and the Willow City Loop to see Blue Bonnets, red Indian Paintbrush and yellow Buttercups. It is a nice drive, lots of open fields with wild flowers. We were on the early part of the season but lots to see.

River crossings were interesting. Part bridge, part dam. Cross at your own risk. Most have flood depth gauges to show how deep the water is over the road. Even a foot of running water can wash your car downstream.

I want one of these to show snow depth.

One day we made Evil Jungle Pizza on the grill. A spicy peanut sauce, chicken, vegetables, a bit of cheese all on a home made crust. We cooked them on a silicone grill sheet. They were wonderful.

Better than anything frozen or take out.

Another day we went to see a new RV park east of Fredericksburg in Stonewall. It was about 14 miles outside of town. Pretty nice and reasonable sized sites. Monthly rates were attractive. For us it was just too far out from town.

Another park NW of town, the Vineyards, is new, kind of spartan, very small trees, almost no grass. In a few years maybe.

And another park, Cedar Bliss. Holy cow. Down a steep rocky road small park. Eight sites. Very tiny. We would never drive our coach out there.

And a final new park. It is located in a beautiful grove of mature oak tees. But it was crowded, each site had a metal car cover, very little outside space. It looked like it was designed for long term people.

Nice but not for us.

We drove around looking at property. A grove of oaks, access, water, electric. Perfect for 4 or 5 RV sites. We saw several possibilities. Just window shopping.

These poor COVID-19 escapees ran out of food. But a nice spot.

Back in Fredericksburg our view was good. Nobody here.

The folks at the park offered to let us stay another month. It was given consideration but it seemed time to go. We watched weather along the way and chose a departure day.

On our walks around the park we said farewell to all of the folks we had come to know. One couple was heading home to South Dakota, another to Wisconsin, another to Alexandria, MN.

And then we left. We have come to really like it here. We will be back.

More Later, Much Love,

Roger and Susan

One thought on “Fredericksburg, TX, April 2020”

  1. Hi there-

    Glad you got home safely- We’ve enjoyed following you two on your adventures. I was especially intrigued by the pizzas you made on your barbecue- we’d like to try doing that on ours- I have a pretty good pizza dough recipe but haven’t tried to cook them on the barbecue- you mentioned you cooked the pizzas on a silicone grill sheet- I’m not sure what that is and where to get it- any tips would be appreciated!

    looking forward to seeing you in September- Betty-

    Now it’s Richards turn Hi Roger, I’m getting ready to put some LED lights in the overhead cabinets and have a question regarding the 12VDC supply wire. Do I just run a + and – pair of wires through the cabinets then splice in the proximity switch with the lites to each cabinet as I go? Thanks! I think I answered my own question. Haha!

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