Interesting Stuff, Thanks for your Feedback.

Google tracks all sorts of things.  

There have been 383 visits to our blog so far. This does not include the posts being emailed to folks who signed up for emails of the posts.
Visits have come from the US, Russia, Germany, Vietnam, Malaysia and Venezuala. Go figure.
Thanks for following along.  The feedback we get is encouraging and helpful. The blog makes it easy for us to share with those who are interested.
Let us know what you think.
Roger and Susan

One thought on “Interesting Stuff, Thanks for your Feedback.”

  1. Your blog us truly enjoyable to read and of course informative. You have done some research and planning and it shows. I especially like the off – the – beaten – path approach. Fun to read and imagine what you are experiencing. Keep up the good work and be safe.


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