Hunting Island, SC

Friday, April 4, 2014

Yesterday we made the 75 mile drive from Tybee Island, Ga to Hunting Island, SC. It is east of Beaufort, SC near Paris Island. This area is called the Sea Islands. We crossed over three or four islands to get to the end of the road atHunting Island Stste Park. And the 5,000 acre park is right on the Atlantic Ocean and includes a large campground, a light house, nature areas and lots of trails.
And the beach, a vary shallow sloped beach with sand bars just off shore. When the tide goes out a very wide, flat beach is left.
Looking south

And north. The beach is very easy to walk on, damp hard sand and also easy to bike on, lots of fun.

The campground is quite nice, huge pine trees, live oaks and palm trees. Most of the spaces are fairly generous. They have a 30 nights for half price deal hear for snow birds. Looks very nice. We checked out several sites. The one we are in is pretty nice. Some sun, some shade.

We rode our bikes to the light house about a mile and a half away.  We rode on the paved road, sort of busy and no shoulder.  The light house is made of cast iron sections bolted together. Twenty four years after it was erected it was disassembled and moved forther inland since the beach was eroding. Since the light house was originally built more than 1000′ of beach has been eroded.
For $2 you could climb to the top. Some did. About 135’ up.

The beach at this part of the islnd shows the effects of erosion.

We rode back on a forest trail. Long pine needles, pine cones and palm fronds covered the path which was hilly and had a lot of big roots.

We walked our bikes on some parts of the trail.

After our ride we spent a few hours in the afternoon sun on the beach. I got on my bike and rode on the beach south towards the light house. The damp sand was very firm, easy to ride on and the beach goes on for miles. There are whole trees tipped over where the erosion has moved the beach into the forest.

Very dramatic.

A selfie right on the beach riding my bike.  

Saturday we depart for Charleston. We really wish we had more time here but it is very hard to get into on short notice.  Most people we talked to make reservations at least 6 months in advance. The campground host told me if we want a specific site for next winter then we should make reservations now.  Maybe we will.
We are looking forward to our visit to Charleston.
Roger and Susan

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