In Hastings, 4/25/2015

Well, it is Saturday and we are back in Hastings. The house looks clean and tidy just as we left it except for the neatly organized piles of mail on the dining room table.  

When we left HWH the battery on the Jeep was dead, we left the lights on. No matter, we pushed it into place, hooked it up to the coach, checked lights (they run off the coach). 
About five hours later we pulled into the driveway, disconnected the Jeep and rolled it up by the shop and hooked up the battery charger. I backed the coach out the driveway, into the street and went around the block so I was lined up to back the coach in from the street, 400 ft through two 90 degree turns and right into the barn.
It took about 2 hours to unload everything from the coach that wasn’t going to get left there and move into the house.  Turn up the heat, turn on the water heater and the water.  One house to another, both  comfortable, both familiar, both home.
Susan had some checking to do on Kathy. Kathy had some doctor stuff going on the day we got home. She was fine but it did both Kathy and Susan good to check in.
So now we get back into the home front routines.  I have Habitat starting in a week.  I need a hair cut. I have 2 doctors, a dentist and an eye doc appt in the next month.  Susan has some too. The Jeep and the coach both need scheduled maintenance. I came home to two very low tires on my car, Susan had one. So we will be busy for a while.
Next up for us, Washington, Oregon, Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, Devil’s Tower and the Buffalo Round Up at Custer State Park, SD. And maybe a trip to Indiana too. All of this still to come this summer before the snow flies.
We hope you have enjoyed sharing our adventures. There are more to come. While challenging at times, it has been fun to put this blog together. It is a journal that will help us remember where we have been and what we have seen and done.
Susan and Roger.

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