Nehalem Bay State Park, 8/17 – 8/30/2015

We made the long drive (35 miles) from Netarts Bay north up to Nehalem Bay State Park. This park is right on the ocean (a dune between the campground and the beach) and has 307 campsites, a large horse camp, a small airport and airport camping and many miles of ocean beach. Nehalem Bay is where the Nehalem River flows into the ocean. There is fresh water fishing in that part of the bay.

Right near the park is the small town of Manzanita and the smaller town of Nehalem and the even smaller area called Neahkahnie. My sister, Judy, and her husband, Bruce, own a quarter share of a beach house in Neahkahnie. They are here now while we are at the State Park and their son Eric’s family (Cyndi, Victoria and Hunter) are with them through this weekend.
At the beach house it is a lot of interaction with mobile devices.
I did manage to get Hunter and Bruce to fly kites.

The campsites are reasonbly well spaced and have trees. Our site has shade almost all day long.

The beach is just over the dune on a path that starts out in the trees, climbs over the dune and then out on to the beach.
The beach here is several miles long and very wide and flat.  Even with the dune between us and the surf we can hear it all night long.  Nice.
Judy and Bruce’s place is up towards the far end of the beach in Neahkahnie.  They are one street up from the beach and have a great view.

The other end is a long way away.  

We walked almost to their place along the beach and back one day.  That was a 14,000 step day.  The next day we walked out from the State Park and into Manzanita and then to their place all along the bike route so we knew where that went.  That was a 15,000 step day.
We saw deer along the way on a watered lawn.  They seem completely unconcerned with people.
We had a campfire and a weenie roast the day before the state wide burning ban went into effect.  I baked home made hot dog buns as an experiment.  They were good.
More to do, more to come, Later.
Roger and Susan

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