Lake Superior South Shore, 2016. Part 5, Tahquamenon Falls

August 11, 2016

Time to leave Sault Ste. Marie. We are heading for Tahquamenon Falls State Park on Whitefish Bay. The camp ground is on the Tahquamenon River about ½ mile from Lake Superior.

On the way there we stopped at the Point Iroquois Lighthouse.

It is pretty rare to see three Foretravels together.

Whitefish Bay is home to many shipwrecks and this station along with many others helped guide the way. There was a Coastguard rescue station here as well. Some of us climbed the narrow circular stairs all the way to the top of the lighthouse. The mechanism is long since gone but the view was good.

There was a young girl up there who decided on the spot that she wanted to be a lighthouse keeper. Other than historical sites they are almost all totally automated now. But you can always work in the gift shops.

We got to the campground and all pulled in to consecutive campsites. We got out the bikes and all of the toys.

Biking was great. Lots of roads and trails to follow. The campground had two sections. There were three loops where we were all next to the river. The other section had a road that followed the river and campsites were next to the river.

We had Texas Gumbo one night. Roasted corn on the grill.

A festive table complete with grade school lunch trays

And a great fruit salad. Pot luck sort of thing. Wonderful.

When we were biking we discovered that you could rent kayaks. $25 for a day. So that evening we rented two figuring everyone who wanted could have a go at it. The park folks delivered them right to our site with paddles and life jackets. It was getting towards dark so we waited until morning.

Sunset was quite spectacular.

Tomorrow kayaking.

Roger and Susan

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