Summer Projects, 2019. Part 7.

We left The Left Tailrace COE heading for the Hart Ranch RV Resort. Jeff and Sandy close behind.

Getting Closer to Where the Buffalo Roam.

Silly us we thought we would get there around 1 or 2 but forgot we were gaining an hour by moving into Mountain Time. No matter, our sites were available. We checked in, got maps and got sort of lost heading for Wyatt Earp Drive or whatever path through the campground we were on. And then there it was and our site too. We got backed in. Jeff and Sandy were down the road a few spaces and they were doing the same thing. Ted and Karen were already there as well as two coaches from Kansas, one from Georgia, one from Colorado, one from South Dakota. Maybe more, I need to think about it.

A nice bunch of folks.

We were having lunch at the State Game Lodge in Custer State Park. Great food. Buffalo (Bison actually) stew.

Roger and Susan. Jeff and Sandy

Kevin & Brenda Conway. Jack and Eilene Crick

Tom and Marion Braum. Ted and Karen

Carol Crook and Donna Crick. Steve Crook and Mark Crick

Brenda and Clint Volz and Dani Chapman were hiding.

Brenda and Clint are the Great Plains Chapter leaders. They do a great job to keep the chapter together. It covers Kansas north into Canada. Dani was the Wagon Master, sort of in charge of rounding up the wagons as it were. She made arrangements for the campground and for all of the activities and dinners. Thanks Dani.

The State Game Lodge

The first night we were there we had a simple catered supper in the Club Room at the Hart Ranch headquarters building. It was a meet and greet event. The Chapter Rallies are loosely scheduled, time for everyone to explore and discover on their own.

The second day we had a Chuck Wagon Dinner and show in the evening.

It was at a tourist sort of place with lots of old time things to look at and see. A nice blacksmith shop and an old fashioned drug store and lots more. When the dinner bell rang we all lined up and headed into a big auditorium sort of thing. Instead of chairs there we long rows of tables with a bench on one side and a stage up front. The Grub Master told us how it worked, we all went up in an orderly way, got a sliverware and napkin packet, a biscuit and honey, a roasted in foil baked potato, chicken or beef, their version of baked beans (not Boston), apple sauce and a piece of spice cake. Tenderfoot lemonade or cowboy coffee to wash it all down.

Tasty and fun. And then the music started. We figured it would be pretty corny and it was a bit but the five person band did a great job. A bunch of old time music (really old) and then a long rock and roll medley from the 50’s to the 80’s that appealed to the age of the crowd. The band leader was a retired music teacher, one of the guitar players was in the SD Music Hall of Fame, the fiddle player in her skirt and tall cowboy boots was a classical violinist and a HS student of the band leader. Each member played some solo parts, there was some sing along. All in all lots of fun and fun to share with friends.

We got back early enough to gather some of us in the Clubhouse for a couple games of Quidler.

More on exploring with Ted and Karen and a train ride coming up.

More Later, Much Love,

Susan and Roger

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