Fredericksburg, TX. March 2020

After Baytown we drove to Fredericksburg, TX. about 5 hrs away. We had to drive through Houston on I10 and that was an OK drive until about Seguin, TX.

A Bucking Bronco

After that, I10 is a disaster. Endless construction, rough roads. It was last year when we went way around. We should have done that again. There is a San Antonio 1604 Loop road that gets you around the east side. A worse choice. Every inch of the 20 or 30 miles of this is torn up. Even worse than I10. We finally came to the end of it and we thought we were at the end of it. Not so. It got worse. We were going to go to Kerrville and then up TX16. We got off early at Comfort and went up US87. Another 25 miles or so on much better roads through the rolling hill country and we made it to the Fredericksburg RV Park.

Fredericksburg RV Park has been here for a while. It is right in town, a short drive or bike ride to downtown. The sites are reasonably sized and level Most have one or two mature trees on each side for shade in both the morning and late afternoon into the evening. Nice picnic tables, a very nice laundry, bathrooms and showers and a large rec hall where we often get together in the evenings for cards, fellowship and sometimes desert. We walk around the park almost every day, up and down each lane is 1.6 miles. Sometimes twice. I have done it all four times and a bit more for 7.1 miles.

A GPS app on my phone keeps track. Folks in the park are friendly, we have been here long enough now that everyone says Hi. There is a duck pond in one corner with some very plump ducks.

And some immense bull frogs in the lilly pads.

Disappointing News

Our friends Mike and Jackie from Nacogdoches,_Texas

were going to be here at the same time. We enjoy their company immensely. They know everywhere within a hundred miles for lunch. And all the fun places to go visit. And they have two small poodles that are fun to play with and take for walks. We spend many evenings playing Quiddler and Uno with them as well. Well, the corona virus heebie jeebies got the best of them. Between the news, social media, screaming meemies and what seemed like nothing getting done slow down they decided for their own health and with concern for their kids and grandkids to stay at home. There was a lot of anxiety there and we were concerned more about that than for them maybe getting something here. A tough choice for them but probably the best. We were all disappointed.

And Bill Blackmon was coming too. Along with his sister and her husband and another friend from the park where he lives. The day after we got here, they decided to back out as well. We were all disappointed.

Good News

Amanda and Douglas were coming to Fredericksburg for their first visit. Arriving a few days after we got here and staying for a week. We were hoping it would happen, and it did! They came. We were as careful as really good friends could be, no handshakes but a few hugs in there anyway.

Keith and Jo Newlin were headed that weekend to a Foretravel Motorcade Rally in Natchitoches, LA. A sister city to Nacogdoches. Go figure.,_Louisiana

They were expecting about 20 coaches. It got canceled with maybe 5 days to go. A few were going anyway. Then all of that fell apart. While Fredericksburg RV Park would normally be “No Vacancy” at this time there were empty spots. I suggested they call, get a spot and come up here. They were eager to try out their new coach so they called, got a spot and came up on Thursday through Sunday.


We have been to Fredericksburg a couple times before. We always wander around town, see what is what. We had in mind something for the coach. We knew we had seen this at three places in town. Due to the start of Texas beginning to close down, one place was closed. Another place was closed for good, we found another shop but what we were looking for was twice the price.

So the shopping winner was the Pottery Ranch. More yard art, patio stuff, indoor things, everything in one place than we have seen before. Things we need!?

How can you resist?

What we were looking for came from Brazil. Lots to choose from, we found one we liked. We brought it home, several different alignments for the best fit.

It is an amazing cow hide. Soft feel on your feet. A cowlick right in the middle of the back and the hair goes towards the corners. The white parts are different from the brown.

Pretty neat!

Fredericksburg, TX

Fredericksburg is a German immigrant town in the Texas Hill Country founded in the 1840s. There is a very strong German imprint. It is home to the National War of the Pacific Museum, the Nimitz Museum, many vineyards in the area, the LBJ Ranch nearby and much more. The more we are here the more we discover. It is a very pleasant winter spot. Even though it only has a population of just over 10,000 it seems much larger.

Main Street and many other streets in town are very wide. A center turn lane, two lanes in either direction, and diagonal parking along each side. We wondered why and discovered that these old towns were laid out so that a loaded freight wagon pulled by a team of horses could make a U turn in the width of the street.

It has many original limestone block buildings like the historic library and many new ones are built to look the same.

Across the street from the old library is the Market Square. It has a mid 1800s community building in the middle of the square.

It is surrounded by covered pavilions, picnic tables and a nice rose garden.

Walking down Main Street many of the shops were closed due to the coronavirus. So you get to pay attention to the overlooked details.

Between buildings a private alleyway to gardens and apartments behind.

A nice wall mounted fountain.

And some interesting signs in windows.

And a relaxing take-out lunch in the park. Lucky we could get take-out. And with not many people finding a table was easy.

Well friends are showing up, got to run.

More Later, Much Love.

Roger and Susan

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  1. Always wanted to make a trip to the Hill Country! Been all over Texas, just not there. Thanks for the nice descriptions of the area! Always enjoy your articles Roger! Stay safe!


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